What is SAM6²?

The Structured Authoring Method, or SAM6², is an evidence-based method for creating highly usable documentation. The method comes from research into how people find and process information.

At it’s core is a straightforward system of 6 techniques and 6 best practices for capturing and presenting information in ways that will improve performance, reduce errors, help achieve compliance and help capture knowledge residing in experts’ heads. That means better manuals, SOPs, KB articles, user guides, training materials.

SAM6² is easy to apply and it works.

Success Story

This global Fortune 500 company used SAM6 and DocuTools together to change how they build and update documentation.

  • 1: The Need

    Company documents – particulalry SOPs and training materials – were inconsistent and approached differently by the SMEs tasked with creating them. The company was seeing confusion among users, trainers and supervisors, and compliance issues eventually began appearing in audit reviews. What they needed was a standardized approach to creating and updating business-critical documents that is easy to adopt and could show positive results quickly.
  • 2: The Solution

    Following a successful pilot delivery of the 2-day “SAM6² for Developing Policies and Procedures™”, the team decided to add to the core program a half-day of authoring practice with company documents. The 2.5 day program was delivered to over 500 document creators across its 8 locations. These authors all achieved certification in SAM6™ and a license for DocuTools™.

3: The Results

Survey results from 400 users across 8 locations about their experience using and applying SAM6/DT.

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See the Difference…

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